Drapers Italy: Italian fabrics for suits, jackets, trousers and more.

Drapers Italy

DRAPERS specializes in the distribution of exclusive fabrics for men, characterized by excellence in fiber, masterful realization and by a style rooted in the past, yet carefully paying attention to the present.

The CEO, Domenico Lolli, son of Arturo, who founded DRAPERS in 1956, is now driving the company with the same enthusiasm that has characterized his participation ever since.

Domenico Lolli is endowed with high sensitivity and exemplary taste; rich experience gained through years of serious and passionate commitment. He has carried out a work of careful selection of fabrics and meticulous personal care service in the respect for customers.

Arturo Lolli, after years of dedicated collaboration with leading companies in the textile sector, decided to open his own business. He founded DRAPERS, in the heart of Bologna, drawing on the experience of decades of work, knowledge of fabric and acute sensitivity in human relations. DRAPERS is a small family business, which involves the whole Lolli clan: at the father’s elbow is the eldest son, Giovanni. Together they can count on a select and enthusiastic group of competent people.

DRAPERS has established itself as one of the most important brands in the field of men tailoring fabrics, and is celebrating the first ten years of activity. Domenico, the youngest son, is now involved in the management of the creative department and has joined his father in designing and selecting fabrics. The working team, awarding a celebratory plaque engraved to Arturo Lolli for establishing his own brand - now present in the most important Italian fashion houses – has affirmed the results of success of the company.

Giovanni and Domenico now manage the company. The latter, in particular, has grown up surrounded by love and passion for fabric.
With a modern entrepreneurial spirit, Domenico is dedicated to the research, study and selection of fabrics, and takes care at the same time, of relations with customers, that he personally follows, ensuring, with the help of the whole team, efficiency, expediency and punctuality.
DRAPERS faces the European markets and also offers itself as representative in the industry field of "MADE TO MEASURE" fabrics; and while employing entrepreneurial spirit, keeps intact the soul and passion of an ancient and noble art.

The encouraging results of the European market motivate Domenico Lolli to act more decisively on an international scale. Opportunities are offered by new technologies, that facilitate knowledge and exchange between different cultures, which affect their taste and style in dressing, offering suggestions and new needs. Distant countries show curiosity and interest for Italian products opening up new and exciting business opportunities.

DRAPERS celebrates 50 years of activity. In the same year the company moves its headquarters from the historic center of Bologna, to the commercial area, which better suits customer service and market needs.

We continue to believe in this work and look forward to the future. We will proceed and commit to the challenges that the market offers, continuing to experiment, seek excellence and follow with attention and care those who already appreciate us, certain of the integrity of our work, the passion with which we operate and that the caliber and beauty of what we offer, will attract interest and new customers. 
The dress we choose to wear remains a fundamental mean of expression of our being and our relationship with others: we choose it carefully, for the pleasure of wearing it and aware that it contributes to the image we want to give of ourselves.