- Flannel / Tweed / British Wool Suit Deal Business Suit Offer with Extra Trousers -
Winter Madness - Have 2 suits tailored for the price of 1499 - 

Special Offers for tailored suits, jackets & shirts. 

Would you like to have a bespoke suit, shirt, jacket, trousers or other garments tailored?
Then you can find our discount offers here.
A great way to introduce yourself to the benefits bespoke tailoring.

Winter Offer Flannel Tweed.jpg

Flannel / Tweed / British Wool Suit Deal

3-piece bespoke suit for €1200.- normal €1600.-

Business Fall Suit Offer With Extra Trousers

Bepsoke suit + extra pair of trousers for €799.- normal €1200.-

Winter Madness - Have 2 suits tailored for the price of 1

2 bespoke tailored suits for €1499.- normal €3000.-

Two sample bespoke business suits tailored based on this offer. Ideal for your daily (work) suits.

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A collection of classic suiting cloths woven from the finest Australian Merino Wool Chelsea tips the scales at 9oz (280g) making it appropriate for year round wear. In addition to the classics we have included a stunning selection of fancies with more bold and colourful decoration. These cloths have a luxurious handle, while the weave and construction make for a cloth that yields an excellent performance.