Visiting a bespoke tailor is a very personal experience. In this video I show you step by step how this process works. I use a 3-piece suit that will be tailored for myself and will show and tell you why I make certain choices regarding cut, style, make, material, measures and the model. Hopefully this helps you to get inspired to dress more concious.


It all starts with you. It is our daily business to brainstorm about and tailor bespoke suits and to create personal dress styles. The bespoke consultation is the foundation from where we will work and take direction. It is all about answering; 'How do you want to look and feel?' . We will step by step discuss your preferences. We translate this to type of manufacture, measurement, model and material.

One or two buttons? Peaked or notched lapels? With your ideas in mind we will design for each client and garment a unique model. Everything is possible to make – but, the question is, what makes sense and what is the effect of a certain choice on your appearance? We think that fashion is fun, but we prefer to take a more personal approach. Therefore your garments become a tool of distinction and together we create permanent fashion.


The previous steps need to be translated to measurements so we can start tailoring. This is not about sizes; it is about understanding how a garment is constructed and how this relates to your body type, proportions and your personal preferences. It is an art by itself that takes years to master.

After four to five weeks we will contact you to do a first fitting. We go over all points of the garment to show what can be altered to create the best possible result. During this we will decide on the final style and details of your garment. This will then be processed by our tailors in Amsterdam.


For every client and project we draft a personal unique pattern that forms the blueprint. The paper pattern is constructed by the tailor and the cloth is marked with chalk according to the pattern. Then it is cut (struck) by the cutter and afterwards the struck pieces will further be stitched together for your first fit, before sewing it in to permanent shape.


After 3 to 4 months you will be contacted. We always do this follow up so we keep improving  the garments we tailor and our service to you.
When you decide to have a new garment tailored then you can use our 'Midlife Refresh'. This means that we repair any wear and tear for free that is a result of using the garment in daily life. Your garments are then revitalized and ready for the job again.

We will select the materials with you that you find pleasant to wear and are usable to create the piece you want to have tailored. We offer thousands of types of clothes from European mills. Any color, weave and pattern you prefer. We will help you navigate to pick the materials that match best with your ideas and the purpose of your garment. Click here to see our Suit Cloth Collections.  

We offer 4 sartorial construction methods to have your suits & jackets tailored. Each has it's own perks and benefits. We offer deconstructed, semi-canvas, full-canvas and unstructured/unlined tailoring. 


One week later the alterations have been processed and it is time for the second fit. This is to see if the alterations and adaptions have led to the perceived results. Sometimes it can happen that you are not yet sure about the final style and then you can always come back for (small) alterations.


Knowing how to maintain and doing this will ensure the most pleasure from your garments. It will preserve them and they remain as new. All clients are provided with detailed information to 'do it yourself' and otherwise can make use of our services like:  dry-cleaning, ironing, alteration and repair.