Suiting Fabrics and Cloth: The Weaves and Patterns: Whipcord

Whipcord is very much like gabardine, but the yarn is bulkier and much more pronounced. It is very durable, rugged and stands hard usage and wear. In time, it shines a bit with wear. Some times the back is napped for warmth. It is called whipcord because it simulates the lash of a whip. Whipcord is often used for topcoats, uniform cloths, suitings, equestrian and other sportswear.

Whipcord fabric samples available at De Oost from the Holland & Sherry bunch Dakota - Whipcords, Cavalry Twills & Bedford Cord HS1495.

1938's ad for Whipcord riding breeches / jodphur.

1938's ad for Whipcord riding breeches / jodphur.

The Technique

Whipcord is a hard-twisted, worsted twill fabric that has diagonal ribs so prominent that the twills stand up boldly in a kind of rolled effect, suggesting the plaited lash of a whip. Weight ranges from 12 to 20 ounces.  The twill is steep 63 degrees and goes from left to right (except for cotton).

Grey Whipcord Trousers.

The Effect

Like corduroy, whipcord is ribbed, but minus the fuzziness—and heaviness. Two-tone versions of a suit made with whipcord, project a subtle seersucker weave look without that 'Southern United States lawyer' or 'Ivy League bow-tie-guy' oppressiveness.

3-piece Olive Green Whipcord Suit with slanted pockets and notch lapels. Click here to see complete portfolio.