Classic styles: the Norfolk jacket

One of the most characteristic sportscoats ever invented is the Norfolk Jacket. In this article we feature the history and style of this classical British garment.


History of the Norfolk jacket

It is uncertain what the origin of the Norfolk Jacket is. One theory claims that it was originally invented in the 1860’s as a hunting jacket by the 15th Duke of Norfolk. The other theory claims that the origin comes from the Coke of Norfolk and his estate, where noble gentlemen came for hunting.  However, there is no real evidence that supports either theory. In any case, its roots are in Norfolk, England and it was popularized by the Prince of Wales. From the 1860’s the Norfolk jacket was used for outdoor and sporting pursuits, like hunting, cycling and golf or as casual day wear by gentlemen of leisure when vacationing in the country. From the end of the 19th century young men started wearing the Norfolk jacket in town.

Style of the Norfolk jacket

The Norfolk jacket is a single breasted jacket with three or four buttons, large patch pockets and box pleats on the front and back. The jacket also has a full- or a half belt made from matching fabric, notch lapels and a single vent. The Norfolk jacket is usually made from tweed or woolen fabrics.



The Norfolk jacket is rarely seen anymore and if so, mostly by vintage lovers or modern day dandies. As a bespoke tailor we pride ourselves that we are able to tailor this classical jacket, as can be seen from the modern Norfolk jacket which we made for one of our customers from a cashmere corduroy in the beautiful color Merlot (see pictures above).