Long time since I send a newsletter. Our tailoring house is doing fine and attracts more clients with the correct 'WHY' in an organic way. This year we have seen the world of tailoring tipping from formal classic towards a new formal tailored style. Just like cooking materials, methods and styles are being mixed matched and tested.

Bec that new possibilities have been created to dress with correct attention in a far more personal matter then the classics provide you. This dress style is called: New Formal. It consist of mixing amd matching various garments in to 1 look. Such that you can wear the peices indivdual, togehter and mixed and matched with your other jackets and trousers. 

The people who really got me inspired are the guys from Cerutti the famous Napolitean wool merchant and tailored brand. They have the materials and ideas needed to create a personal dress style so let's introcude them and provide you a valuable offer till the end of the year.

Ps. we can off course alter your current clothing also to a more fitting style. Makes a big differnce when the 501 suddenly is taoppered instead of being a fluffy blue thing. 

PS we launched a Dutch and English website and a third for another branch that facilitates and educates Young Professionals style of dress.Mention nieuwe site - vraag wat er anders bij kan moet. 

Cerruti Tailored Suit & Jacket offer new formal

Offer: € 799: tailor made jacket + vest or trouser. Normal price € 1200 you save € 400.
More important you have 2 luxury garments that you can wear together or mix with your existing wardrobe. .
There are no limitations on style or model so let's sit down and make a plan to make you look and feel great. 

If the New Formal is still out of your comfort zone then it might be time to discover the possibilities Cerutti has with their suiting. Fabrics made in Italy in a super 130's or super 150's quality. In a variation of designs and colors you will not find with others. Also your suit can be more personal by having just a different tone of color and design. Or what about a waistcoat in a different fabric to enhance your message. Or just a extra pair of trousers for durability, you may select a differnt model and color to. 

Offer: € 1200 - 3-piece suit (jacket/trouser and/or 2nd pair of trousers/vest - Material Cerutti super 130's nobility - Normal pirce € 1600 you save € 400
€ 1500 - 3-piece suit (jacket/trouser and/or 2nd pair of trousers/vest - Material Cerutti super 150's prestige -- Normal pirce € 1733 you save € 400






Who are the people behind Cerutti and why do they do what they do? 
Lanificio F.lli Cerruti S.p.A. was founded in 1881 in Biella, the cradle of the Italian textile tradition, by brothers Stefano, Antonio and Quintino Cerruti, who came from a long line of textile devotees dating back to 1700. The company expanded steadily over time and from the second postwar period focused production exclusively on the highest quality fabrics. Since 1951 the woollen mill, with a workforce today of around 400 – is run by Nino Cerruti today, after 40 years as a major fashion label, has transferred his own experience into the collection of fabrics for Men, Women and Parcour intended for a more discerning and fulfilled clientele.

Copy of Cerruti

Nino Cerruti, with his son Julian and the entire manufacturing company add a touch life with an alchemy of tireless creativity, constant innovation and pure excellence. The most sought after fibres, artisan perfection and the cloth that becomes art, are the result of continuous striving for beauty and expression with the changing of the times. These are the products of the Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, which has conveyed handmade perfection for the most prized fibres, the main ingredient of that wonderful world called fashion for over 130 years.

Without excellent fabric, there is no excellent fashion. In designing our product, we check each phase of the process with care and attention by tastefully combining tradition and technology. Nino Cerruti

From the idea to its creation, from the design to the finished product: a complete productive process where high technology, maximum quality and respect for the environment work hand in hand. This all comes together to produce collections for men, women and Parcour with over 4500 variations per season.

Lanificio F.lli Cerruti pours a great deal of its own resources into sourcing the raw materials that adhere to the quality standards of excellence. The best Australian wool and the best Mongolian cashmere are kept in a protected environment where the temperature and humidity are kept constant to enhance the quality and aid the working processes. Lanificio F.lli Cerruti has also adopted the AAAAA system.

The AAAAA is an index associated with a quality of wool that denotes the fineness of the fibre and adds resistance and beauty to a material. The higher the index, the finer the fibre. The letter A; an old method of fibre qualification, refers to the length, luminosity and colour of the fibre. The sheep in the region of Queensland in Australia that produce the category AAAAA wool wear a cape for their whole lives to protect their precious mantle from the aggressions of sun and rain. The combination of superior techniques and artisan experience are the bond of this system, built around important values.

It acts on the tuft of fibre to achieve an even, soft wool/cashmere band. In order for thisworking phase to be perfect a checking system has been developed to monitor all of the variables of this complex operation.

This acts on the combed band by twisting the fibres in order to guarantee that the thread has the resistance necessary for future processes. Through professionalism and competence the Lanificio F.lli Cerruti is able to achieve extremely slim, even and performing combed threads, the quality of which is constantly monitored by an in-house laboratory.

This is the phase in which the lengthwise part of the fabric, composed of a number of threads from between 3,000 to 11,000, is prepared to be put to the loom. This operation consists of several phases and is very delicate as any error could generate flaws in the fabric.

This is the time in which the initial project, the client requests, the market tastes, and the attention and professionalism of the previous processes begin to take shape. The warp threads accept the weft lines to make up the fabric. Designers and technicians alternate in observing the jacquard designs, the colours, the work procedures, and the creation of the Cerruti fabric.

The raw fabric, with its rough coat, has its own slumbering beauty that the finishing will be able to waken. There are a variety of paths, specific studies, in which water, pressure and heat intervene to restore light and softness. During this process phase the company has the unique ability to reach perfection, to satisfy the client’s requirements, to bring to life the idea of a visual and tactile sensation. The fibre rediscovers its nature by enhancing the Cerruti fabric.

In this phase fibre meets colour. Lanificio F.lli Cerruti is able to colour tufts, combed bands, thread, and untreated fabric depending on the client request or the effect to be achieved. Specialised in the use of colour at a mélange level and in the ability to reproduce any type of colour over time, it is distinctive for continued innovation by producing over 8,000 new colours each year.

Care and attention to every detail are finally guaranteed by the Quality Control found in each production phase.