Why did I start De Oost Bespoke Tailoring?
'Well that is simple. It combines interaction on all kinds of levels. I have found humans and our behavior intriguing since I can remember. Furthermore I love to create things that make people happy. The combination of talking with people, discovering their Why - What and How, and then translating it to a real garment. Is very exciting and challenging for me. My business adventure has gone from bread to butter to a teacher of life for myself. I enjoy what I do and that makes me with our team capable of helping you to look and feel great.' 

That is why our motto is "Dress conscious"

Jean-Paul Samson - founder

What and how:
De Oost Bespoke Tailoring is a Dutch tailoring house with a contemporary sense of style & personal attention. We design and tailor business-, leisure- and formal wear for ladies & gentlemen.We provide ideas and solutions to make you look and feel good by translating your wants and needs into a one of a kind bespoke garment. 

We believe style is more than just appearance. It is the conveyance of an aura of distinction, as hard to define as it is easy to recognize.

The clothes of the lady and gentleman must suit the occasion, must suit each other, and must suit the particular individual to the extent that they project his or her personality to advantage, while providing poise and a sense of confident well-being. 

The rules which have grown out of tradition should rather guide than govern, and one should beware of creating an too studied effect. It is the well-dressed lady and gentleman who are recognized, never their (brand) clothes.

T: 020-6815792 for appointments & questions.

Opening hours by appointment: Tue/Wed: 10:30 – 20:00
Thur/Fri: 10:30 – 19:00 Sat: 09:30 – 18:00
Sun/Mon: By appointment only. 
We love our craft & trade so appointments outside of these hours are possible on request.

With kind regards,

Jean-Paul Samson (owner)
T. 020-6815792

Our Tailoring house in Amsterdam is established in the monumental "Remise Bremerlehe", the former horse carriage depot of Amsterdam.

Your team

 Jean-Paul Samson Owner - I do everything what needs to be done.  Samson@deoost.nl

Jean-Paul Samson
Owner - I do everything what needs to be done.

 Amy Mars Couturier - Fashion Designer - Stylist Amy@deoost.nl

Amy Mars
Couturier - Fashion Designer - Stylist

We receive a lot of questions about our method and why we do what we do at De Oost Bespoke Tailoring. Especially about how we can help to make your tailored suits, jackets, shirts and more in to personal pieces of value. That make you look and feel great and tell your story. I think it starts with a bit of consciousness and I explain more in this video.